We Service all Types of Bicycles
- electric

- road
- mountain

- cycle cross
- triathlon
- beach cruisers
- commuters / city bikes
- hybrids
- bmx
- fixi's


Services Offered
- bicycle assembly
- replacement of parts ( drivetrain, tubes/tires , gear/brake, cables/housing etc.)
- basic bike fitting 
- overhauls
- tuneups
- disassembly for paint
- packaging bikes for shipment
- frame maintenance

- skills clinic 

- front and rear shock service

- hydraulic brake service




Our overhauls consist of complete disassembly of the bicycle. Once the parts are cleaned and regreased they get reinstalled making the bike performe like new.

Frame Maintenace

We offer scratch & scuff removal which leaves the frame with a glossy finish.     

Bicycle Assembly

We offer pro builds and bicycle assemblies.