Hello there, we would like to introduce you to Bicycle Pit Stops Monthly Membership.


This membership is designed for all types of cyclists:

- road

- mountain

- triathlon

- commuters


 Monthly membership 

- Drivetrain cleaning twice a month


Drivetrain cleaning consists of:

- Remove/clean cassette

- Remove/clean crankset

- Remove/clean/lubricate chain

- Remove/clean/lubricate rear derailleur

- Full inspection of drivetrain components

- Adjust f/r gears



All services are by appointment only (No Walk-Ins).



- You may bring any bike you own, but only 2 cleaning services a month.

- Any other service that is not related to the drivetrain clean or is not part of the membership is charged separately. 

- If you were to cancel your membership for any reason there is no extra fee. If you want to sign up again after canceling, you would be able to do so 3 months after the cancellation date.


The drivetrain of a bicycle is the most delicate part of the bike as well as the most abused. The cassette, front and rear derailleurs, chain and cranks should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected regularly for any abnormalities such as: wear in the gears and chain, misalignment of the derailleurs, loose chain- ring bolts and finally the alignment of the rear derailleur hanger.


The benefit of this membership is to keep your bikes well maintained. This monthly cleaning service will lower the overall cost of bicycle maintenance, by spotting problems before they occur and keeping your bike performing at its optimum.




To sign up please contact us

Email: Bicyclepitstop@gmail.com

Phone: 818.839.0721


This is not a contract; either party can cancel at any time.